Building Healthier Communities Together

Progress City is committed to making our community a better place by providing innovative solutions to workplace challenges, and true integration of the diversely-abled into the community. We’re currently focusing on the following areas:

Community Integration

for individuals on the autism spectrum through our Adult Autism Waiver services.

Workplace Integration

for adults on the autism spectrum through our Autism Employment Network.

Team Dynamics Consulting

for small businesses and nonprofits using the Predictive Index.

Become a More Inclusive Employer and Close the Employment Gap!

Let us help you expand your definition of diversity and fill those hard to fill entry level positions with no placement or recruiting fees.


Talent shortage is the #1 issue in the current job market.

Almost three quarters of employers are having difficulty finding skilled, qualified candidates for open positions.


Expanded Talent Pools are Key to Solving the Shortage.

Most executives (69%) are recognizing diversity and inclusion as critical to closing the hiring gap.


There is a Diverse Workforce Waiting for Opportunity.

The retention rate among employees from the neurodiverse workforce is at 90% helping to keep turnover and recruiting costs lower.